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Irene Abrigo, direzione artistica & violino Francesco Bolo Rossini, attore Jürg Dähler, vi

Welcome to the Lucignano Music Festival 2024!


We are delighted to welcome you to the fourth edition of our festival, entitled 'Artist's Mysteries'. This year, we will immerse ourselves in a musical journey exploring the secrets and wonders of the art of sound through a series of unique events, with a special focus on the figure of Niccolò Paganini.


The festival opens with a flamboyant concert featuring myself on the violin, Jürg Dähler on viola and Giampaolo Bandini on guitar. The musical programme will be interspersed with the dramaturgy of famous Italian actor Francesco Bolo Rossini, who with the reading of texts and letters will guide us through the lights and shadows of the showcased composers.


On Thursday it will be the turn of a fascinating performance of 'Peter and the Wolf', performed by the soloists of the Perugia Chamber Orchestra with the reciting voice of Francesco Bolo Rossini. A timeless classic that will enchant both young and old, bringing to life the adventures of Peter and his animal friends through the magic of music.


On Friday evening, the concert "Al chiaro di luna" (In the Moonlight) invites you to let yourself be carried away by the evocative melodies performed by the Saccon-Génot duo, a programme that promises to give us moments of pure musical poetry.


For enigma lovers, the 'Mystery Room' about Niccolò Paganini - 6 sessions available over 3 days - will offer an immersive and engaging experience: through a 'Sherlock Holmes-like' itinerary, you will discover the secrets of the legendary violinist, exploring his life and art in a completely new and interactive way.

The grand finale will feature internationally renowned artists Patrick Demenga, Jürg Dähler and Hiroko Sakagami, who will bring the 2024 festival to a close with an enthralling and romantic programme.


In addition, during the festival week, the artists will be involved in various social and educational events in cooperation with local schools and the retirement home of the Municipality.


To make your experience even more unforgettable, we have created Festival Passes that include food and wellness packages. You can thus enjoy not only the music, but also the culinary delights of the Valdichiana and moments of relaxation.


We look forward to sharing these Artist's Mysteries with you and to experiencing unforgettable moments together.


Thanks for being there, and happy festival to all!


With love,

Irene Abrigo

Artistic Director of the Lucignano Music Festival

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