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After the first edition "Diamo i Numeri" in 2021, the Lucignano Music Festival wants to take off. The 2022 edition "Favole" brings its audience into the world of fantasy, beauty and childhood memories. Furthermore, this year Quinta Stagione APS wants to focus even more on the municipality of Lucignano, also involving its entrepreneurial and cultural excellence, with the aim of weaving a network of enthusiastic patrons to support the area. Entrepreneurship in aid of culture, and culture as a lifeblood for the economic recovery of the area. Collaborations with UniCOOP, with the Scuola di Musica di Fiesole and with the Fabbriche Palma, are the starting point to create in the years to come a network of cooperation and support between the different realities present in the area, under the banner of artistic events of exceptional quality.

Irene Abrigo, Artistic Director

The 2022 program is subject to change.

Reduced tickets for UniCoop Firenze members, children aged 6 to 12, over 75 / children up to 16 for #Bacco&Arianna.

Free tickets for children up to 6 years, for disabled persons and their carers (please reserve a seat anyway).



With the "Grande Musica 2022" membership of the Lucignano Music Festival you can participate in the 5 events at special conditions!

✅ seats reserved in the first rows 

✅ discounts on concert tickets

🔻Concerto 1 #Clara Friday 22.7 at 21:30

🔻Concerto 2 #LMFcittini Saturday 23.7 at 17:00

🔻Concerto 3 #Pinocchio Saturday 23.7 at 21:30

🔻Concerto 4 #Bacco&Arianna Sunday 24.7 at 11:30 am

🔻 Concert 5 #Matrioska Sunday 24.7 at 18:00

No upcoming events at the moment
  • #Matrioska
    Sun 24 Jul
    RSVP Closed
    24 Jul 2022, 18:00
    Lucignano, Piazza S. Francesco, 52046 Lucignano AR, Italia
    W.A. Mozart Quintet in C minor K.406 M. Käser "Atamason" Double Trio P. Tchaikowsky "Souvenir de Florence" Sextet
  • 24 Jul 2022, 11:30
    Provincia di Arezzo, Località Fabbriche, 2A, 52046 Lucignano AR, Italia
    Concert & wine tasting In collaboration with the Fabbriche Palma winery J.S. Bach Suite n.1 for solo cello B. Martinu Three Madrigals for violin and viola U.M. Braun String Quartet D. Scarlatti Sonate K.27, K.87, K.1, K.247 arr. for string trio by J.Dähler
  • RSVP Closed
    23 Jul 2022, 21:30
    Lucignano, Piazza S. Francesco, 52046 Lucignano AR, Italia
    Proiezione del film muto "Pinocchio" (1911) del regista Giulio Antamoro Antonino Siringo, improvvisazione al pianoforte
  • #LMFcittini
    Sat 23 Jul
    RSVP Closed
    23 Jul 2022, 17:00
    Lucignano, Piazza S. Francesco, 52046 Lucignano AR, Italia
    J.C. Bach Symphony op.3 n. 6 G. Verdi Waltz in F (orchestration Nino Rota) A. Ginastera Dance of the Trigo J. Sibelius Sad Waltz Op.44 M. Clementi Symphony op.18 n.1
  • #Clara
    Fri 22 Jul
    RSVP Closed
    22 Jul 2022, 21:30
    Lucignano, Piazza S. Francesco, 52046 Lucignano AR, Italia
    F. Schubert Sonata for cello and piano in A major D821 "Arpeggione" D.P. Hefti "Memoirs" for violin and piano N. Vassena "Archeologia della perdita", Trio for violin, viola and cello R. Schumann Quintet for piano and strings in E flat major op.44
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