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Welcome to the Lucignano Music Festival! 


We are excited to have you with us for four days of great music, beauty, Tuscan dolce vita and sharing! We believe that music has the power to bring people together in a special way. In fact, our festival is more than just a gathering of music lovers: the community formed around our events becomes a family year after year.


This family dynamic is found in various ways in our festival: 


  • through the involvement of "veteran" artists, joined by new faces in each edition, somewhat like it happens with our audience, between Friends of the Festival, regulars and new participants

  • through the active and valuable participation of the municipal administration, in particular Enrica and Stefano

  • through the musical programming that each year contrasts great classics of the chamber music repertoire with contemporary pieces, along with the proposed "large audience" outdoor Saturday evening

  • by meeting every summer at our favorite places: at Elisabetta and Stefania's at our beloved restaurant La Tavernetta, at Ezio's ice cream shop  C'era una volta (according to some among the top 3 ice cream artisan in Italy!!)

  • through our favorite food and wine experiences like tastings of fine wines at Il Sosso and savor delicious and design meals with the fabulous Fabrizio at the gourmet restaurant Zenzero


A great news in 2023 are the Festival Passes : complete packages of unique experiences, between great music, gourmet and traditional gastronomy and deep sharing in order to offer you an unforgettable and customizable all-in-one adventure.


This year there is yet another element that brings us back to the title "A Family Affair." Musicians often spend a lot of time together rehearsing, performing and traveling, which can create a strong bond and foster a sense of closeness. This shared experience can make it easier for musicians to understand and support each other, both personally and professionally, alongside of course a deep understanding for all the challenges of the craft. Overall, the shared love of music and the unique bond that develops between musicians can make it a natural and fulfilling be together in life: this year's performers are all couples! Married couples (Irene Abrigo and Jürg Dähler, Enrico Bronzi and Francesca Sperandeo), established couples (Gran Duo Italiano) and father-son couples (Lorenzo and Michael Riessler). Only by attending the concerts yourself will you understand that unique complicity between our artists capable of creating exciting and unforgettable experiences!

Whether you are attending our festival for the first time or regulars, whether it is at the beginning or end of a concert, among the narrow streets of the village, at "C'era una volta" or at the "Tavernetta", we invite you to interact with each other and with us artists, to exchange feedback and share ideas, in short, to be part of our community: let's create memories, make new friends... let's enjoy great music and the dolce vita together!  At the end of the festival we hope you will feel a sense of belonging and connection to this big family that is the Lucignano Music Festival: we are happy to share this experience with you!


Thanks for being there... and have a great festival!


Irene Abrigo, Artistic Director

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