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Welcome to Lucignano

Lucignano, a small village in southern Tuscany, located on top of a hill at 414 meters in the Valdichiana between Arezzo and Siena, represents one of the most extraordinary examples of medieval urban planning, for its elliptical shape with circumcentric road rings, which has come down intact from the centuries. Walking through its streets has the sense of a pleasant game through an intricate labyrinth that is finally resolved once you arrive in the upper part of the town, including the Palazzo Comunale, the Church of S. Francesco, the Collegiata.

Lucignano received the appointment of 

Borghi più belli d'Italia | Bandiera Arancione Touring Club


You can enrich your cultural experience with:

- a guided tour of the village

- exclusive food and wine tastings and excellent dinners

More Information for Tourists

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