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Fifth Season APS


Official address:

Via Castellaccia 16, 53046 Lucignano (AR )

P.IVA 92095070519

Anna Maria Della Valle, President  

Irene Abrigo, Artistic Director  E-mail

Valeria Lucchinelli, Project Manager  E-mail

The Quinta Stagione APS was born in May 2021 in Lucignano (AR) on the occasion of the Lucignano Music Festival, a classical music festival organized with the patronage of the Tuscany region, the municipality of Lucignano and with the support of the POURQUOIPAS & Pro Helvetia Foundation. The Artistic Direction is given to the internationally renowned violinist Irene Abrigo, founder of the Swiss association POURQUOIPAS active since 2015 which boasts collaborations with important Swiss and international organizations such as UNHCR and the CIO.

The non-profit Quinta Stagione APS deals with the promotion and dissemination of culture in the reference area, through the organization of artistic and cultural events in the field of music, dance and cinema, as well as promoting collaborations between international artists. and local. Its purpose is to enhance and enrich the Lucignano cultural offer, working together with local administrations, but also by forging a dense network of collaborations with the cultural, educational, associative and entrepreneurial realities present in the area.


Thank you, see you soon!

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